LEWIS LIEN SALES is a California Licensed  MOBILE Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) verification service. We can come to you or you can come to our office to conduct a DMV VIN check on your vehicle.  Our service area includes Los Angeles County and a small part of Orange County.

 You can call for an appointment at
(310) 417-4154.  Next day service is usually available. 

Why wait in the long lines at the DMV or wait for weeks for CHP to come out and look at your vehicle when you don't have to.  Call us instead. We have professional, licensed and bonded VIN verifiers who will do it fast, friendly and affordable!

You need your DMV VIN checked or verified if:

1)  You have a vehicle that is no longer in the DMV database.
2)  You have a car, truck or van that was registered out of state.
3)  You purchased a vehicle from another state. 
4)  You are a fleet dealer.

We offer special rates to all local dealerships. Call for a quote today!
We will go to your place of business or home, in the greater Los Angeles area, and supply you with the proper forms (Form REG. 343) to complete your vehicle vin verification. We will professionally perform the necessary paperwork that the California Department of Motor Vehicles requires for your out-of-state registration. 

 For payment we accept cash, checks or credit cards. 

CALL TODAY at (310) 417-4154, or email at info@LewisLienSales.com us to get fast service.

To perform the DMV VIN check on your vehicle the VIN verifier will need:

  • To see the actual VIN on the vehicle (in newer vehicles it is usually in the windshield.  On older models it could be anywhere.)
  • Your documentation on the vehicle, e.g. title, bill of sale, registration, etc.
  • To see the emission label under the hood.
  • To see the Federal Safety Label (usually found on the door).

The process usually takes approximately 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, we can no longer verify motorcycles. 

Contact us:  1-310-417-4154

Open Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Mobile Vehicle Identification (VIN) Verifications

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